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BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Our BBA Course is one of the best, well recognized and career motivated course under the Proposed Affiliation of CCS University Meerut The idea of BBA Program is to impart quality education with a vision to fulfil global needs like Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing and HRM and to help students in understanding the foundation of management and motivate them to pursue MBA and other management related specializations.

Program Overview

The study of Business administration has reached enormous heights amongst the present generation as it helps students in their all-round development by providing specific knowledge in the field of Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Technology, Hospitality and many other fields of business. In recent years, the BBA program has developed in order to realize the high expectations of core-based companies that are involved in both management of the business as well as within the Human Resource Department. This it self shows the significance of the course. A three-year full-time BBA programme is an intensive, rigorous and selective course designed to provide each student with the intellectual and professional tools needed to assume positions of higher responsibilities. The programme is focused on developing a strong foundation for business fundamentals, enhancing conceptual skills to understand the basics of problem-solving and encouraging students to develop their own unique style of leadership.

Importance of BBA can be estimated easily by knowing the requirements of the corporate sector. To work with corporate giants is not very easy nowadays. One needs to be specialized in the skills to manage various business operations. In order to gain these skills, one requires bachelor? degree in Business Administration. It also gives a strong foundation for admission to MBA degree programme.

Course Objective

  • To provide students with in-depth knowledge of international business concepts.
  • To provide students with solid foundation for both theoretical and practical development to meet the various needs of multinational businesses.
  • To prepare students for the responsibilities and opportunities of careers with international corporations.
  • To cultivate leadership and decision making skills necessary to tackle the challenges of today's global business.
  • To teach students the tools and techniques useful for critical business analysis and control in today's business climate.
  • Beyond bookish knowledge, it sharpens the managerial skills through Seminars, presentations, case studies, industry visits & guest lecturers to deal with real-life situations.

Course Highlights

  • Well structured lectures with practical approach.
  • Exposure to changing trends in global.
  • Guest lecturers from leading Industry experts on prevailing Industrial practices.
  • Industrial Visits, Seminars, Workshops.
  • Summer Placements/ Projects.
  • Personality Development Programme Sessions & Soft Skills.

Career Opportunities

  • Executives and Brand Representatives in various disciplines of Marketing, Retailing, Banking & Insurance, Sales, HR, FINANCE, IT and International Business.
  • Customer Care Executives in IT enabled Services/BPOs, MNC, Banks, Telecommunication Services, Fairs, etc.
  • Event Management Executives in Educational Institutions, Entertainment Industry and Business Fairs.
  • Executives in HR Placement Consultancy Firms.
  • Opportunities in NGOs and Public & Private Sector Banks.
  • Executives in the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Sectors as also a Variety of Enterprises in the Health-care segment.
  • Encourages to go with Higher Studies and creates Self-Employability

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